Shaped Venetian Blinds

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We manufacture these shaped venetians in 25mm aluminium slat with either ordinary or privacy punching using a 21 micron thickness of slat, we cannot use any thinner slat as it will not support itself in shapes. We can also do privacy punching on the aluminium slats. This means that instead of the slots in the centre of the slats for the cords to run through we punch a small hole at the back of the slat, and with the additional slats needed the one above covers this hole when closed so giving the maximum darkening possible and a much neater finish.

Also in woodslat using Tropical’s Elements 50mm range only. These slats have to be again individually shaped by hand sanded and stained to match.

Every one is priced up individually based on the amount of work involved on each shape, slat chosen etc. so a drawing with sizes is needed for us to quote. A photograph is also recommended so we can look for possible problems and we can ‘see’ what you can too.

Our headrail that we shape is aluminium 30mm square and this is painted in our spray booth with 3 coats, undercoat, colour and clear lacquer. The dimensions you give us are checked on CAD before we start and these need to be exceedingly accurate so that the slats are level across the ladders. We have our rigs set up with angle settings for slopes and all the ladders are levelled with lasers so that where there is more than one blind hanging side by side the slats are all level across the whole window. The slats will only lift up to where the headrail starts with arches or slopes and due to the varying lengths of cord not always level. They will only tilt from flat level to either upwards or downwards closing, but not both ways. This is because of the shaping of the slats to follow the headrail and give the best coverage possible.

Aluminium venetian slat colour range has become a rainbow of styles and colours. With metallic sheens and woodgrained effect as well as patterned these reflect the fashion trends of property decoration.
Perfect Fit International is used for shapes with straight angles such as apex or slopes but with only 25mm slat.

For remote control we use the tilt only battery powered motors in these shapes with our headrail. Mains powered motors put too much stress on the slats so not an option.

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