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Q: What is a "template"?
A: A template is a piece of material cut to the shape of the shape of the windows curve.

Q: What do I make the template from?
A: A strong wall paper is probably the best as it shouldn't distort.

How to make a template or pattern:

A roll of wallpaper is perfect as it’s strong plus wide enough not to twist out of shape and is usually fairly easy to handle.
Cut a length to fit each straight window frame, and using the angle where each of the sections meet, overlap and secure the pieces together.

For Curved or Arched Vertical tracks:

Please draw on where any window handles stick out and by how much, plus what happens at the end of the window frame. Where does the recess wall go? And by what depth?

For shaped Venetians:

Cut the wallpaper to shape of the window frame where it meets the plaster.

Templates for shaped venetians should be cut out if done from sizes and stuck onto the window itself to check them.

Please also mark on datum lines of vertical/horizontal using info from a spirit level as frames are not always truly level either way.

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