Arched Vertical Blinds
Blindshapers manufacture arched vertical blinds.

Arched vertical blind tracks:
The fabric vanes open and shut only, as drawing is only possible when the arch is very shallow and comes within a six to one ratio of height to width.
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The Slimline system has ‘J’ hooked components set in ribbed tracking available in either white or brown. N.B. The brown does not bend as far as the white as the wall thickness is only 1.1mm instead of 1.3mm, silver is not recommended as with no paint finish insde the components do not run smoothly. This system is similar to the Eclipse Gazelle system. Suitable for curved, shaped and arched windows.

Vertika Mk 1a:
With peg type components where the hangers slot in. Ideal for solid PVC vanes but please ensure slot is wide enough. Only available in white.

NB. The components used in the above systems are fixed gear carriages instead of the self- aligning ones. This is due the nylon tilt rod being unable to cope with the clutch mechanisms.
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Benthin Decomatic:

A highly engineered, smooth running system of the standard one has come to expect from a German Company. Available in white only this wide bodied system is extremely robust, with product features that work in harmony to provide a flexible and efficient solar shading product which can be manually operated or motorised. The IQ motors in addition to the common function of traversing and tilting the louvres, can be programmed on a timer and even solar control option.

The components have a split tooth type peg thus holding the vanes firmly to the headrail. For arched and sloping tracks, the components of varying sizes are built in to the main carrier trucks so that no separate section is needed between the fabric and the headrail. There is also a braking mechanism within the end cap so that the components will stop where they are positioned. Suitable for curved bay and arched windows as well as sloping tops.